Oral Health: If you are troubled by bad mouth, use home made mouthwash, know how to prepare

Oral Health: If you are troubled by bad mouth, use home made mouthwash, know how to prepare

August 10, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The smell of the mouth not only bothers you, but also prevents your partner from getting close to you. Mouth odor may occur due to tooth decay, pyorrhea or any disease of teeth and gums. If the smell smells from the mouth, first of all, you should clean your teeth, improve your digestion and use a mouth wash. Mouthwash is the most powerful way to remove the smell of your mouth. Although many types of chemical base mouthwash are available in the market, but if you want to avoid the use of chemical, then by making powerful mouthwash at home, you can get rid of the stench and germs of the mouth.

So let’s know how we can prepare mouthwash at home.

Mouthwash of cinnamon and cloves:

Add 10-15 drops of cinnamon oil in a cup of water and also 10-15 drops of oil of oil, mix well, and your mouthwash is ready. This mouthwash will not only relieve you from tooth decay, but will also relieve toothache and gum troubles.

Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and half a glass of hot water. Now mix the two together and prepare a solution. Now clean your teeth with this solution, it maintains the pH level of the mouth, which does not cause any bad odor and bacteria.

Pipement and Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash:

To make it, you can mix it well by adding two teaspoons of backing soda, 8-9 mint leaves and two drops of T-tree oil in a cup of water and keep it in the bottle for long time if you want. Huh.

Apple vinegar and water mouthwash:

Apple vinegar is very beneficial in removing the smell of the mouth. This removes the problem of germs in the teeth and keeps the teeth strong and shiny. Take three teaspoons of apple vinegar and hot water. Shake it well and mix it with the mouthwash thrice a day.

Mouthwash of neem leaves:

Neem is a medicine that is effective for killing germs.

Boil neem leaves well in water, then fill it in a bottle. Now after brushing you can rinse neem leaves with water. This is an effective mouthwash.