June 5, 2023

he OnePlus 7T is finally here in India and after a month’s hype, it seems that the wait was worth it. We at India Today Tech tried out the phone and were impressed with what the new flagship killer has on the plate. The phone is an upgrade to the OnePlus 7 in many ways, whether it be the cameras, display, battery, design and more. In fact, it seems closer to the more premium OnePlus 7 Pro instead of the OnePlus 7.

And that got us thinking what should OnePlus 7 users do? You see, the OnePlus 7 came out in the summer of 2019 and while it was (and still is) an exceptional phone in its own ways, it was basically an updated OnePlus 6T from last year. That said, at a starting price of Rs 32,999, it is still the most polished Android phone you can buy. But the OnePlus 7T is a big upgrade and if you have the OnePlus 7 or are planning to buy one, should you spend the extra and get the new phone?

What’s unchanged with the OnePlus 7T?

If you go spec-by-spec, there’s not much that’s similar to the OnePlus 7. Whether it’s the display or the cameras, the OnePlus 7T has got many things new. In fact, it feels like a generation upgrade from the OnePlus 7T instead of a mid-life update to the OnePlus 7. But if I had to point out a similarity, it has to be the 48-megapixel main camera that was also the same on the OnePlus 7.

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