June 5, 2023

Nubia is seemingly gearing up to enter the early 5G headwinds. Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of its latest smartphone, the Red Magic 3 in New Delhi, company executives stated that Nubia has a headstart in terms of 5G hardware, and its 5G-enabled smartphone is already equipped to be launched in all markets that support it. On this note, the company will also bring its 5G-enabled smartphone to India next year.

Pan Forrest, vice-president of e-commerce at Nubia India, stated, “The first Nubia 5G phone will be Red Magic, to launch in China in 2020. It will also come to India at around the same time.” Having focused on elements such as upgraded cooling process, 8K video recording and a 90Hz display panel with the Red Magic 3 smartphone that was launched in India yesterday, Nubia will seemingly focus on bringing the benefits of 5G with its next gaming device, expected next year.

There has been a certain amount of cross-firing in terms of 5G network testing and rollout in India. Multiple reports have stated that deciding on the infrastructure vendor has been a bit of a debacle, owing to Huawei’s recent surveillance-related problems. Furthermore, other reports have revealed a lack of allocated bandwidth for commercial viability of 5G networks, and even months ahead of the auction, operator lobbyist body Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has stated that the Indian government is setting the base price of 5G spectrum too high, which may have a prohibitive effect upon the adaptation of the new technology in the country.

It remains to be seen how and when does 5G get introduced in India, even with all the issues. The nation’s telecom authority will not want to be late adopters of the new technology, and will hope that the requisite framework is rolled out in time for OEMs to introduce their first 5G devices in the country by next year.

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