Now PM Modi said this on the corona crisis

Now PM Modi said this on the corona crisis

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that when the Corona crisis arose, big experts in India were expressing all kinds of apprehensions about the damage caused by it, but the people here strongly confronted this crisis with all their apprehensions. Proved to be unbecoming

Modi said these things while interacting with representatives of various social, religious and NGOs of his constituency Varanasi. He described the service sentiment of various organizations in Uttar Pradesh and Varanasi as “unprecedented” during the lockdown implemented across the country as a result of the corona epidemic and the government to provide food and other assistance to the people in times of crisis. Departments appreciated.

Modi also praised Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for combating the Kovid-19 crisis and saving the lives of more and more people. He said, “You must have heard a terrible epidemic happened 100 years ago. Then India did not have such a population. There were fewer people. But at that time, in this epidemic, where most people died in the world, we also had Hindustan. Crores of people died.

Modi said that when the pandemic came this time, the whole world became apprehensive about India. People were afraid that 100 years ago there was so much ruin in India, so many people were killed, then what will be the situation in India today when the population is so much and there is also a lot of challenges.

He said, “Big experts were saying this and started questioning India that this time also the condition will worsen. But you must have seen. There was a lot of apprehension about our Uttar Pradesh with a population of 23-24 crores. How will it be saved. Some used to say that there is a lot of poverty in the state. There are many migrant workers. How will you be able to follow two yards? Will you die of hunger? ”The Prime Minister said that the cooperation of the people and the hard work and valor of the people of Uttar Pradesh has destroyed all fears.

He said, “In a big country like Brazil, which has the same population as Uttar Pradesh, more than 65,000 people died while 800 people died in our Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of lives in Uttar Pradesh, which were expected to die, were saved. “Modi said that the situation today is that Uttar Pradesh has not only controlled the pace of infection but also has suffered corona, They are also recovering fast.

The Prime Minister appreciated the public awareness and service sentiment by him for this. He said, “There is a sense of service of religious and social organizations like you, the resolution that is in your values, which has given every person of society the strength to fight against Corona in this most difficult period. Has helped a lot.