June 5, 2023

Despite efforts to reduce tensions at the border with China, India has been able to respond to every move of China on a diplomatic level. India is working on a specific strategy for Malacca. If China did the trick, India would not miss teasing its pain. China trades extensively through the Malacca Route. 80% of its energy needs can be met through this route. He asks for oil from Arab countries this way. If India blocks the Malacca route, China could face a major setback on the trade front.

Siege with the Quad
India and its strategic allies know that China’s biggest siege may be in Malacca. Hence, Quad’s partner countries are helping India in its strategic mobilization in the region. Quad countries have also discussed how to reduce China’s influence on the sea route.

The outspoken support to
India is with the United States, Japan, and Australia in a vocal way with India. Australia was soft at first, but is now involved in the barricade against China with a full offensive strategy. Israel can provide logistic support to India when needed. France has almost taken the place as an advocate of India, which was once Russia. The ASEAN countries, which are troubled by China’s aggression in the South China Sea, are also gradually standing in India’s favor. Recently, ASEAN had given a very strong statement against China. Britain has also joined India in the past.

Russia and Iran are neutral Russia
is helping India in supplying arms, but sources say that it will not be part of the entrenchment against China. His stance is neutral. China is trying to woo Iran. China wants to give a double blow to India by promising to buy all its oil from Iran. China’s Chabahar project is also viewed by China badly, but due to old ties, India hopes that Iran will not work against it. His stand will also be neutral.

Surveillance increased
India has also increased its surveillance in the Indian Ocean. Andaman has cemented its preparations.

Message from a shared strategy
India and Japan have jointly practiced exercises in the South China Sea 15 times in the past three years, but this time it was practiced near the Strait of Malacca amid tensions with China. Sources say this is a direct diplomatic signal to China that India may respond to the dragon in the maritime region, especially in Malacca.

India will also surround Hong Kong, Taiwan. India’s clear strategy is to engage China diplomatically on the issue of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Gaurang Lal Das was made the envoy in Taiwan under a special strategy, who has been looking at Indo-US relations as Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs. Relations are also being focused on Vietnam.