June 5, 2023

Prayagraj, July 18 – The Confederation of All India Traders welcomed the President’s signing of the “Consumer Protection Bill” and made it legal, saying that it would now be able to tighten legal scrutiny on celebrities as well.

State President of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), Mahendra Goyal, said on Saturday that there was a demand for bringing misleading publicity figures in the advertisements run on TV across the country. The President’s signature on the “Consumer Protection Bill” gives it legal strength.

He said that now the brand ambassadors and artists of any company will now have to examine and understand the veracity of the claims made in it before working in advertising. Now celebrities who mislead advertise a product will not be able to escape saying that they did not know its quality. By deliberately misleading consumers with misleading propaganda, they will be held in legal custody.

Mr. Goyal said that Kat continued to demand action against film personalities advertising it at the time of the Maggi ban as the public used to come under the influence of those celebrities. In such a situation, it was necessary that the film celebrities lying on TV with some money should also be acted upon so that the public could not come in misleading advertisements and buy cheap quality or expensive goods.

He said that in the event of the President’s signing of the “Consumer Protection Bill”, now in the event of loss on the product purchased through such misleading advertisements, the consumer can also accuse the celebrities working in it. For this reason, before working in advertising, these celebrities also have to understand the truth of the claims made in them.