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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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Now 31 minor forest produce will be purchased in Chhattisgarh on support price, State government takes a decision in the interest of forest dwellers

Purchase of Behera Kacharia, Harra Kacharia and Neem seed including forest basil, forest cumin and tamarind seeds

Bhupesh Sarkar increased the number of microprocesses from 7 to purchase on support price in one and a half years

In keeping with the interest of the forest dwellers of the state, according to the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, an important decision has been taken by the state government to increase the purchase of 31 minor forest produce in Chhattisgarh from 25 to now on support price. These minor forest crops include Van Tulsi Seed, Forest Cumin Seed, Tamarind Seed, Baheda Kacharia, Harra Kacharia and Neem Seed. According to the fixed support price, these will be purchased at the rate of Van Tulsi Seed 16, Forest Cumin Seed 70, Emli Seed 11, Baheda Kacharia 20, Harra Kacharia 25 and Neem Seed Rs 27 per kg. The minimum support price set by the Government of India for Harra Kacharia has been increased by Rs. 2 to Rs. 25 per kg by the State Government.

Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar informed that till its first year 2018 in the state, arrangements were made to procure only 7 minor forest produce on support price. In order to provide large number of employment to the forest dwellers by the present government, the number of minor forest produce purchased on the support price has been increased to 31 minor forest crops. With this, people living in Vananchal will get employment in large numbers, their economic condition will also be strong.
The 25 minor forest produce to be purchased in the state earlier include sal seed, harra, tamarind seeds, chironji kernels, mahua seeds, kusumi lac, rangini lac, kal megh, bahera, nagarmotha, kullu gum, puwar, vine anus, honey and Purchase of flower broom, Mahua flower (dry), Jamun seed (dry), Kauncha seed, Dhawai flower (dry), Karanja seed, Bibding and Amla (including seed) and flower emli (seedless), Giloy and Bhelwa was. Apart from the support price in the purchase of Kusumi Lakh, Rangini Lakh and Kullu Gum, additional incentive is also being given by the state government.

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