New Rules Related To Salary Can Be Implemented In Time, 50 Crore Laborers Will Get Benefit

New Rules Related To Salary Can Be Implemented In Time, 50 Crore Laborers Will Get Benefit

July 10, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

The Central Government can implement the Code on Wages 2019 by September this year. The labor code includes provision for minimum wages and timely payment for all employees, irrespective of the sector and salary range. With the implementation of this labor code, 50 crore laborers of the country will get its benefit.

The Union Labor Ministry has placed the draft rules (draft of the Wage Code) on July 7 as official gadgets. The general public can react to this within 45 days. If there is no issue after this, it will be implemented. The code was approved by the Parliament in August last year to address issues such as setting minimum wages and delay in payment of laborers.

The bill was amended and included laws related to pay, bonuses and related issues. When implemented, it will include four labor laws, including the Minimum Wages Act, Wage Payment Act, Bonus Payment Act and Equal Pay Act.

The purpose of this labor code is to solve the problems of delay in salary. It will also ensure that there is no discrimination in payment of salary to men, women and transgenders.

The Code on Wages has simplified the definition of labor. This is expected to reduce litigation and reduce compliance costs for employers.

According to this, an eight-hour work day will be required under the Wage Code. There has been no change in the provision of working hours provided under the Factory Act. It was previously believed that the government could increase the working hours due to the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

According to this draft, in order to benefit the 50 crore workers of the country, their wages will be assessed according to the minimum living conditions. The draft rules also stated that a Central Advisory Board would fix the minimum wage after taking into consideration points such as food, clothing and housing.