May 30, 2023

At the behest of China, there has been a big disclosure about the Prime Minister of Nepal, Cape Oli Sharma, showing eyes to India. The report claimed that Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Oli Sharma has been bought by China. . The report also accuses Oli of taking bribes from China.
It is alleged that Oli’s wealth has increased rapidly and he has bought a lot of properties in other countries as well, in return for which he has implemented China’s business plan in Nepal.

kp oli 2 China has bought Nepali PM, these revelations are about to blow the senses ..

According to this report, PM Oli also has an account with Mirabod Bank in Geneva, Switzerland. In this account, $ 5.5 million is about 41.34 crores. He has invested this amount in the form of long term deposits and shares. This gives Oli and wife Radhika Shakya about Rs 1.87 crore annually. Is also getting a profit of

Media Report said that not only Nepal but China was occupied in many poor countries of the world with the help of corrupt leaders likewise. is. And then using them for his own benefit. He is trying to pressurize India by doing the same with Nepal. And he has managed to do it to some extent. Because Nepal is constantly under pressure from India.