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In a significant development, the Blue Sapphire Mall in Greater Noida has been ordered to close down. The Gautam Buddha Nagar Police Commissioner, Lakshmi Singh, has issued directives regarding the order. This decision comes in the wake of a news report by Zee News that prompted authorities to take immediate action. 

Commissioner Singh stated that until a thorough investigation is conducted, the mall will remain closed. The investigation will cover all aspects related to security. The Commissioner added that the safety of the public is of paramount importance, and the closure will persist until the inquiry is complete. The Zee News reported earlier on the negligence of the authorities, as the mall was fully functional without any change in safety protocols after the incident. On asking the visitors, no one was aware of the mishap that cost the lives of two individuals. 

In a devastating occurrence at Greater Noida’s Galaxy Blue Sapphire Mall on Sunday, two individuals lost their lives when an iron grill, dislodged from the fifth floor of the Plaza, fell and crushed them. The victims, identified as Harendra and Shakeel, from Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad, succumbed to the incident on the spot. The police have dispatched the bodies for postmortem examinations, and the mall has been cleared. The tragic incident unfolded as the two were approaching the escalator to ascend to the first floor of the mall. 

The Zee News report uncovered potential security vulnerabilities or concerns at the Blue Sapphire Mall, prompting the Police Commissioner to take proactive measures. The investigation will delve into various facets, including the security infrastructure, personnel training, and overall safety protocols within the mall premises.