New Delhi: In a twist that surprised few, Pakistan, long seen as China’s compliant disciple, has danced to Beijing’s tune once again. With whispers of election manipulation echoing through the political corridors, the world watched as Pakistan made a mockery of democracy. China, long frustrated by Pakistan’s audacity in governance, finally succeeded in branding the Pakistani government with its own ‘Made in China’ stamp.

The elevation of  Asif Ali Zardari to the presidency only solidified China’s grip. Zardari, a known sycophant of China, joins the ranks of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and General Asim Munir, all serving as Beijing’s faithful stooges.

China’s delight at Zardari’s victory was palpable, with President Xi Jinping extending warm wishes as if crowning a ‘Made in China’ president. Jinping hailed the friendship between the two nations as a cherished treasure, conveniently ignoring the scent of conspiracy lingering in the air.

China’s Plan To Use Pak Against India

Pakistani experts, however, aren’t so easily swayed. They see China’s congratulatory gestures as part of a larger strategy, one that involves leveraging Pakistan against India’s growing military might. As tensions simmer on the Himalayan border, Pakistanis are waking up to the reality that China’s friendship comes with strings attached.

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Skepticism abounds regarding China’s intentions, particularly concerning the stalled China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. With little progress to show for years of investment, ordinary Pakistanis are questioning whether China has their best interests at heart.

Despite mounting evidence of China’s ulterior motives, some Pakistanis remain blinded by anti-India sentiments, placing undue trust in Beijing’s promises. However, as the truth unravels, more Pakistanis are realizing that they’ve been duped by China’s cunning schemes.

With Balochistan languishing and promises of prosperity unfulfilled, the cracks in China’s facade are becoming harder to ignore. As Pakistanis awaken to the reality of China’s exploitation, the once-unwavering allegiance to Beijing may soon falter, revealing the true cost of China’s puppetry.