New Delhi: A myriad of individuals finds themselves compelled to abandon their aspirations due to a lack of privilege. Yet, amidst this narrative of thwarted dreams, one man emerges as a beacon of defiance against the odds. M Sivaguru Prabhakaran, an IAS officer from Tamil Nadu, embodies the triumph of relentless determination over adversity.

Prabhakaran’s journey is a testament to resilience, unfolding against a backdrop of financial hardship and familial struggles. Born into a family of farmers, he witnessed firsthand the relentless toil of his mother and sister, labouring tirelessly to sustain the family amidst his father’s battle with alcoholism.

Despite these challenges, Prabhakaran refused to relinquish his dreams. Initially diverted from his educational path to support his family as a sawmill operator, he later resumed his studies after his sister’s marriage. Juggling his own education with supporting his brother’s, he pursued civil engineering at Thanthai Periyar Government Institute of Technology in Vellore, all while working to make ends meet.

His journey was characterized by unwavering dedication. Balancing weekend studies with full-time employment, he endured the rigors of commuting long distances, often spending nights at St Thomas Mount railway station. His perseverance saw him through the challenges, culminating in the completion of his M. Tech in 2014 after cracking the IIT-M entrance exam.

Following his master’s degree, Prabhakaran set his sights on the UPSC exam, facing myriad obstacles along the way. However, his resolve remained unshaken, and in his fourth attempt, he achieved a remarkable All India Rank (AIR) of 101, solidifying his position as an exemplar of determination and success.