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New Delhi: Driven by ambition, the famous Soren family continues to be in the spotlight. This time, coming to fore, is the ‘Badi Bahu’ Sita Soren. Going all in, Sita Soren jolts JMM with her decision of joining Bharatiya Janta Party. Soren family of Jharkhand, undoubtedly, project a very complicated intra-family political dynamic. Let’s make it simpler: 

Soren Family Tree

Shibu Soren, 80, has served as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand multiple times. He founded Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). Following Shibu’s elder son, Durga Soren’s demise, Hemant Soren, his younger son, assumed leadership. 
However, former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, was compelled to resign from his position as Chief Minister on January 31st of this year following his arrest by the ED in connection with a money laundering case associated with an alleged land scam. Thereafter, Hemant’s wife, Kalpana Soren, emerges as a contender for the Chief Minister role. Now, ‘Badi Bahu’ sidelines family party and joins BJP. The complex politics within the Soren family is depicted where power struggles and succession issues are apparent. 

Competing Ambitions

Ambitions within the family play a significant role. Kalpana Murmu Soren, Hemant’s wife, emerges as a contender for the Chief Minister role. Delivering big statements, “Hemant ji did not want to enter politics but given the untimely death of Durga Dada and the health of respected Baba, he had to enter the field of politics. Hemant ji did not choose politics but politics chose Hemant ji. Those who had decided to become architects now had the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy and struggle of JMM, the respected Baba and the late Durga Da,” she said.

Sparking tensions with Sita Murmu Soren, who vehemently opposes Kalpana’s aspirations. This highlights familial competition in political spheres. As a comeback, Sita Murmu joins BJP.

Isolation and Neglect

Sita Murmu Soren’s decision to join the BJP appears strategic, influenced by her legal issues and perhaps a desire to leverage her family’s political legacy. This reflects shifting alliances within the political landscape and their impact on familial dynamics. 

“I served the party for 14 years, but to date, I have not received the respect that I should have received in those 14 years, due to which I had to take this very big decision for respect of hard work made by my late husband Durgashwar ji…we have remained untouched till date, we have not received any respect from any kind of party, ” said Sita Soren. This indicates strained relationships and potentially a lack of familial support or recognition. 

Sita Murmu Amid Legal Turmoil 

Sita Murmu Soren, faces legal issues, including accusations of corruption and involvement in bribery and kidnapping cases. These legal challenges add another layer of complexity to family dynamics, potentially influencing decisions and relationships.

Legacy and Ideological Shifts

Sita Murmu Soren’s statement upon joining the BJP underscores her commitment to her late husband and father-in-law’s vision for a developed Jharkhand. However, her party switch also suggests a shift in ideological alignment within the family. Amid a complex interplay of power dynamics, ambitions, legal challenges, and ideological shifts within the Soren family, Jharkhand’s future treads on thin ice.


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