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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today reached out to BJP candidates of two crucial states – Kerala and Bengal. While the BJP is looking to open its account in Kerala Lok Sabha polls, the party is trying hard to boost its seat count in TMC-ruled West Bengal. The BJP is fighting tooth and nail against the popularity of the TMC led by Mamata Banerjee while in God’s own country Kerala, the saffron party is yet to taste victory in the Lok Sabha polls. Thus, PM Modi’s attempt to speak to the women candidates from both the states is an attempt to boost the morale of the party cadre. 

PM Modi’s Speaks To Kerala BJP Candidate

Prime Minister Modi talked to Prof TN Sarasu who is the BJP candidate from the Alathur Lok Sabha seat in Kerala. During the conversation, she informed PM Modi that there is a problem with cooperative banks in Kerala which are governed by the CPI(M) leaders. “They loot the money that the poor people deposited in the bank. They are not getting back their money. So, there is a great complaint from the people here…Could you do something against this?” said Sarasu.

PM Modi then told her, “I am happy that as a candidate, you are taking up the issues of the people. It’s a good thing for any public servant…Yes, I have heard about it. I have some details about it and you are right that a lot of poor people have been affected. Our government will take strict action against everyone involved and we will ensure that the poor get justice…I will take the legal advice and whatever property the ED will attach, if the common man’s money is involved, I will see that every penny should return to the person concerned. We will do that strictly.”

#LISTEN | The conversation between PM Narendra Modi and Prof TN Sarasu, BJP candidate from Alathur in Kerala.

She tells the PM, “…”There is a problem in Kerala with cooperative banks which are governed by the CPI(M) leaders. They loot the money that the poor people deposited… pic.twitter.com/AlpeQOkyNs
— ANI (@ANI) March 26, 2024

PM Modi’s Conversation With Bengal Candidate

Prime Minister Modi also spoke to Rekha Patra, BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Bengal’s Basirhat and one of the Sandeshkhali victims. The senior BJP leader spoke to Patra about her Lok Sabha campaign preparations. While talking to her, PM Modi called her ‘Shakti Swaroopa’. Shakti is a Hinduism term associated with goddesses like Durga and Kali. Patra narrated the ordeal faced by women of Sandeshkhali. 

#LISTEN | The conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rekha Patra, a BJP candidate from Basirhat and one of the Sandeshkhali victims.

She says, “…The situation in Sandeshkhali has been a matter of concern since 2011. If we were allowed to vote freely then this… pic.twitter.com/Y4KB7k1OKE
— ANI (@ANI) March 26, 2024

Boosting Cadre’s Morale

The BJP has been galvanising its grassroots cadre in Kerala and West Bengal besides southern states like Tamil Nadu and Telangana. While the BJP has bettered its presence and vote share in Bengal, in Kerala, the saffron party is yet to open its account in the Lok Sabha. There are at least five seats in Kerala where the BJP has increased its vote shares and the party is now looking to translate it into the winning seats. PM Modi’s conversation with the candidates will send out a message that the person sitting on the highest echelons of the BJP is looking after the party candidates. This will boost the cadre’s morale ahead of the voting for the Lok Sabha polls.