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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Opposition INDIA alliance over nepotism and corruption and accused them of resorting to personal attacks on his family. Emphatically, the PM declared that ”140 crore Indians” are part of his extended family. PM Modi said this in response to RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s ”parivaarvaad” jibe at the PM. Addressing the ‘Jan Vishwas Maha Rally’ at Gandhi Maidan in Patna, former Bihar CM and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said, “What is this Modi?… This Narendra Modi is attacking ‘parivaarvaad’ these days. First, you should tell why you do not have any children or family. For the people with more children, he (PM Modi) says that it is dynasty politics. You don’t have a family…You are not even a Hindu. Every Hindu tonsures their head to mourn their mother’s death. Answer why did you not get your hair and beard removed…”

Opposition’s Real Manifesto Exposed: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the INDI Alliance leaders, highlighting their involvement in corruption, dynasty politics, and appeasement. He asserted that their real manifesto for the 2024 elections has been revealed, emphasizing his commitment to serving the nation and addressing dynasty politics.


#WATCH | Telangana: In Adilabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “Leaders of INDI Alliance who are involved in corruption, dynasty and appeasement are going berserk. They have now come out with their real manifesto for the 2024 elections. When I question their dynasty… pic.twitter.com/tCVzsuLOcU
— ANI (@ANI) March 4, 2024


My Life Is An Open Book: PM

Responding to allegations about his family, PM Modi affirmed, “My life is like an open book. People of the country know and understand me very well.” He shared anecdotes about receiving letters from citizens, acknowledging their concern for his well-being while working tirelessly for the nation.

PM Modi reflected on leaving his home as a child with a dream in his eyes to serve the people. He pledged to spend his life fulfilling the dreams of the citizens, emphasizing that crores of people in the country consider him as their own family.

Telangana’s Future Unaffected By Change In Leadership

Addressing the political landscape in Telangana, PM Modi asserted that nothing significant will change with Congress replacing BRS. He praised the contributions of the people of Telangana, especially the tribal community, underlining the BJP Government’s efforts for their development.

In Adilabad, PM Modi inaugurated, laid the foundation stone, and dedicated over Rs 56,000 crore worth of development projects. The projects spanned across power, rail, and road sectors, symbolizing a new chapter of development not only for Telangana but the entire nation.

PM Modi highlighted various projects, including the inauguration of IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS, showcasing India’s pace of development. He emphasized the significance of tribal empowerment and the launch of the world’s largest storage scheme for farmers.


From Adilabad in Telangana, launching development initiatives that will further strengthen the country’s power, road and rail infrastructure.https://t.co/KV6jbwPsh4
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 4, 2024


Focus On Tribal Development

The Prime Minister celebrated the achievements of tribal women, pointing out that before the BJP came to power, the idea of an Adivasi woman becoming the country’s President was unimaginable. He dedicated projects that symbolize progress in tribal welfare and honour.

Energy And Infrastructure Boost To Telangana

PM Modi dedicated significant energy projects, including NTPC’s 800 MW unit in Telangana and 660 MW unit in Jharkhand. He stressed the importance of these projects for Telangana’s energy production capabilities and the overall progress of marginalized communities.

Connectivity And Infrastructure Development

The Prime Minister inaugurated national highways, highlighting the enhanced connectivity through railways and highways. He emphasized the positive impact on travel time, tourism, and employment opportunities in the region.

Expanding Renewable Energy

PM Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for various solar and hydroelectric projects across different states, reinforcing the commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development.

Rail And Road Connectivity Projects

The electrification of the Ambari – Adilabad – Pimpalkhuti rail line and the foundation stone for two major National Highway projects connecting Telangana with Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh were also part of the extensive development initiatives unveiled by PM Modi.

In the presence of Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy, PM Modi showcased the government’s dedication to comprehensive development, leaving a lasting impact on the nation’s progress.