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New Delhi: In a daring display of prowess, the Indian Navy executed a meticulously planned operation in the Arabian Sea, culminating in the surrender of 35 pirates and the safe rescue of 17 crew members from a distressed vessel. The operation, spearheaded by the Indian warship INS Kolkata, unfolded over 40 intense hours, showcasing the Navy’s unwavering commitment to maritime security and humanitarian rescue missions.

A Showdown In High-Seas 

The drama unfolded nearly 2600 km from the Indian coast, where the INS Kolkata intercepted the pirate ship Ruen, which had been commandeered by Somali pirates months prior. With precision and determination, the Indian Navy halted the pirate vessel’s advance, compelling its crew to surrender through calculated manoeuvres and strategic pressure.


#INSKolkata, in the last 40 hours, through concerted actions successfully cornered and coerced all 35 Pirates to surrender & ensured safe evacuation of 17 crew members in the evening today #16Mar 24 from the pirate vessel without any injury.#INSKolkata had carried out the… https://t.co/eKxfEdMRES pic.twitter.com/tmQq2fG8yE
— SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) March 16, 2024


Multi-Faceted Rescue Effort

The success of the operation was not solely attributed to INS Kolkata’s valor. It was supported by a formidable array of assets, including the INS Subhadra, HALE RPA drones, P8I maritime patrol aircraft, and elite MARCOS PRAHARs airdropped by C-17 aircraft. This coordinated effort ensured the swift and safe evacuation of the distressed vessel’s crew, leaving no room for error or compromise.

Securing The High Seas

Beyond the immediate rescue mission, the Indian Navy took decisive steps to sanitize the vessel, eliminating any threat posed by illegal arms, ammunition, or contraband. This proactive measure underscores India’s commitment to upholding international maritime laws and combating piracy in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Navy’s Resolute Stand Against Piracy

The confrontation with the pirate vessel serves as a resolute message from India, signaling its determination to safeguard maritime interests and protect seafarers navigating through perilous waters. By swiftly neutralizing the pirate threat and ensuring the safety of those aboard the distressed vessel, the Indian Navy reaffirms its status as a formidable guardian of the seas.