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NEW DELHI: The announcement of Lok Sabha election dates could come any day now, and this information isn’t just gleaned from sources but inferred from the controversial statements of leaders. As elections draw near, many leaders in the country reiterate their core agendas. Their fundamental agenda often involves making divisive statements based on language, region, or religion. Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, DMK, leads the charge in this regard.

DMK leader A Raja has come under scrutiny for his derogatory remarks about India’s integrity and ancient traditions. According to him, India is not a single nation because it comprises various cultures. From his perspective, a country is only one when it shares a single culture and language. Tonight, we delve into the analysis of the anti-India and anti-Hindu statements made by A Raja and his party, DMK.

In the run-up to elections, some individuals stoop to any level to fulfil their political ambitions. Certain opposition parties, upon nearing elections, transcend all limits under the guise of opposition. Attempts are being made to undermine the foundational framework of the country while opposing a political party or leader.


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India is globally recognized as the largest democratic nation, embraced for its diverse languages, cultures, and beliefs. However, some leaders no longer view India as a unified nation but rather as a subcontinent consisting of multiple nations. This ideology aligns with those who dream of fragmenting India into pieces, with efforts underway to create separate entities.

On March 1st, Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), celebrated the birthday of its president and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M K Stalin. On this day, DMK leader A Raja went as far as to dismiss the very idea of India as a nation. Raja claimed that India is not a country but a subcontinent. According to him, a nation is formed only when its culture and language are uniform.

Raja’s remarks not only challenge the conception of India but also disrespect India as the motherland and Lord Rama, thereby insulting ancient traditions. With the Lok Sabha elections looming, such statements not only criticize ancient traditions but also veer into anti-India rhetoric. BJP has fiercely reacted to A. Raja’s statements, questioning not only DMK but also leaders of the INDI Alliance. Not just A Raja, but DMK Chief Minister Stalin’s son, Udhayanidhi Stalin, also partakes in such divisive actions, often making anti-Hindu remarks during political events.

It’s evident that DMK, as a political party, has maintained its fundamental ideology of being anti-India, anti-Hindu, and viewing the country as a subcontinent. When leaders like A Raja, Senthil Kumar, or Udhayanidhi make controversial statements, it’s not a mere slip but a reflection of their core beliefs. Stay tuned to tonight’s episode of DNA as we expose the anti-India agenda of Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, DMK.