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The Karnataka government on Friday announced the handover of the investigation of the case filed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader BS Yediyurappa to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The order for this transfer was issued by the office of Karnataka’s Director General and Inspector General of Police, Alok Mohan. 

The case was lodged at Bengaluru City Sadashivnagar Police Station, according to the provisions of POCSO 2012. The directive mandates the prompt handover of the case file to the CID for continuation of the investigation. The Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City, is instructed to personally deliver the case file, along with the relevant Investigating Officer, to the designated Investigation Officer in the CID, reported ANI. 

What Does The FIR Say? 

BS Yediyurappa, the ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka and prominent BJP figure, is under investigation for an FIR concerning the purported sexual assault of a minor girl. According to the FIR lodged by a Bengaluru police station, the purported incident occurred on February 2nd in Bengaluru.

The complaint alleges that the victim was sexually harassed when she sought assistance on that day. She had sought help regarding another reported sexual assault incident. The FIR asserts that the senior BJP leader allegedly sexually assaulted the victim after forcibly taking her into a room. Following the incident, the victim informed her mother about the alleged assault. The FIR states that the victim claims to have been sexually harassed when seeking help regarding a previous incident in which she was allegedly raped by others.

Replying to the incident the BJP leader recounted that the woman, whom he had previously assisted, began speaking negatively about him. The 81-year-old seasoned politician narrated, “Recently, a distressed woman visited our residence. Upon inquiry, she disclosed some issues she was facing. I promptly contacted the police commissioner to address her concerns. However, afterward, she began levying accusations against me.”