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PM Modi and his council of ministers convened on Sunday to discuss the detailed roadmap for India’s transformation into a developed nation by 2047. As per government sources the comprehensive plan, named “Viksit Bharat,” was crafted through a Whole of Government approach, engaging all ministries. Five ministers from the Modi-led government gave presentation in the meeting. 

The strategic meeting, held just days before the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect, outlined a 100-day agenda aimed at the quick implementation of immediate steps following the formation of the new government in May 2024, according to government sources. 

The planning involved extensive consultations with state governments, academia, industry bodies, civil society, scientific organizations, and the active participation of the youth. The exhaustive process included over 2,700 meetings in a span of two years, workshops, and seminars conducted at various levels, seeking input from more than 20 lakh youth. 

“The roadmap for Viksit Bharat has a comprehensive blueprint with a clearly articulated national vision, aspirations, goals, and action points,” asserted government sources. The goals outlined in the plan span a wide range of areas, including economic growth, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ease of living, ease of doing business, infrastructure, and social welfare. 

Sources confirmed that Viksit Bharat aims to position India as a global economic powerhouse, focusing on sustainable development and improving the overall quality of life for its citizens. The roadmap lays down specific strategies to address key challenges and leverage opportunities across multiple sectors.