Following BJP’s poor performance in Uttar Pradesh, internal unrest within the party has intensified. The pressing question is: who will be held accountable for the poor results? Sources indicate that an internal report is being prepared on the poor performance of BJP’s defeated MPs in Uttar Pradesh. It is reported that district-level feedback suggested that most of the MPs against whom the party had recommended changing the ticket due to an adverse public opinion, were the ones who lost.

Survey Report Ignored

According to sources, a party-conducted survey based on the popularity and winning potential of the MPs had indicated that over three dozen MPs were unlikely to win. This included several central ministers. Despite this, these MPs were re-nominated. The major reason for BJP’s setback in Uttar Pradesh is attributed to the overconfidence of the party’s senior leaders, who ignored local and party cadre inputs while distributing tickets, resulting in significant losses for the party.

Victims of Overconfidence

Many MPs, who did not work among the public during their tenure, relied heavily on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Consequently, these MPs were rejected by the electorate. Reports from district units, regional, and state levels had indicated a negative atmosphere against around 40 sitting MPs, spanning from the west to the east of Uttar Pradesh. Despite these warnings, most of these MPs were given tickets again. Although efforts were made to boost their chances, including deploying ministers and state organization officials from the same caste to those constituencies, the public’s dissatisfaction remained high.

Assembly Results Breakdown

Analyzing the results on an assembly-wise basis, BJP managed to win only 156 assembly constituencies. In 76 parliamentary constituencies, BJP lost 156 seats while the Samajwadi Party gained an edge in 188 assembly seats. The Congress won in 22 assembly constituencies.