NASA can conduct a Venus trip before sending humans to Mars by 2035

NASA can conduct a Venus trip before sending humans to Mars by 2035

July 10, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand


US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is working on sending humans to Mars for the first time by 2035. Scientists are of the opinion that before going to Mars one should visit Venus (Venus). The team feels that Venus’ gravity can be used as a ‘slingshot’ to reach Mars by spending less time and fuel. Visiting Venus can allow astronauts to do two different searches in a single trip.

The test of space travel transport is
aimed at sending humans to Mars since 1950 when aerospace engineer Werner von Bronn first wrote a technical study for the mission. NASA is now trying to convert it into a truth. John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, North Carolina State University, and NASA are offering suggestions for change in this journey. Scientists say that the one-year mission on Venus will also test the deep-space transport system used to travel to Mars.

These benefits of going on Venus
Apart from this, astronauts will be able to use the gravity of Venus to go to Mars, which will save their time and fuel. If there is a problem on the trip, Venus can be used as a safety-spot which is close to the earth and can be quickly returned from there. The most important thing is that they travel only once in 26 months in a travelable state between both Earth and Mars. In such a situation, the astronauts who go there will have to wait more than a year. By bringing Venus for a year in between, this time will be 19 months.