May 29, 2023

Encourage every infected to reach first

Chief Minister’s video message conveyed enthusiasm – Pilot Mr. Rajesh 

The growing graph of Corona Infections in the country not only increases people’s anxiety, but also creates an environment of fear around. In the midst of this environment, there are some people who, despite being very close to the corona infected, encourage them instead of fearing them. Ambulance Pilot (Driver) of District Hospital Narayanpur, Mr. Rajesh Mane is one of the Corona Warriors who first reached every patient found positive and brought them to the hospital. These individuals have taken 25-30 corona positive patients found in Narayanpur district from home to Kovid Care Center.

 Ambulance pilot Mr. Rajesh Mane and his co-workers said that the corona-infected person is extremely scared while going to the hospital. We try to allay their fears by having positive discussions with them in ambulances. Corona tells patients that all the Corona patients have returned home after getting well. He told that when he was once bringing a person to the hospital who was a person younger than me was very scared. I gave him affection like elder brothers and assured me that you will be healthy and return home in a few days. I made her pay attention to her by singing songs, telling stories and making jokes.

Playing your responsibility with precaution

Pilot Mr. Rajesh told that when we first arrive at his house to pick up a corona-infected patient, then we also have a little fear in mind, but play our responsibility with full caution. As the number of infected people increases, the challenge has increased. Wearing PPE kits in summer sometimes causes problems of vertigo and dehydration. But we have taken a pledge that in this unexpected corona period, God will fulfill the opportunity given to us with responsibility and dedication. He said that the Chief Minister of the state, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, in his video message, praised the service and dedication shown by the health, police and sanitation workers in an unusual situation. Due to which new enthusiasm was instilled in Mr. Rajesh Mane and his companions. 

Take care to protect against corona 

Pilot Mr. Rajesh told that when we take the Corona infected patient in an ambulance to the Kovid Care Center, we also talk to him during this time. In the conversation, corona-infected patients tell that it is very important to have safety to avoid corona. Use of masks for your protection, cleaning hands periodically with soap or sanitizer, social and physical distancing should be followed. Along with this, the advisory issued by the government regarding Kovid-19 must also be compulsorily followed. We were negligent in this, that is why we have become infected with Corona. Mr. Mane said that all safety measures are taken before taking the patient. Which includes wearing PPE, gloves, masks, shoe-covers etc. The ambulance is also fully sanitized after reaching the Kovid care center. He told that he also keeps warm water for himself and patients to drink.

Distance maintained from home

When Mr. Rajesh goes home after duty, he enters the house only after washing clothes with hot water and taking a bath. To protect the family from potential danger, they keep sufficient distance from them and stay away from outsiders. They rarely meet them.