May 30, 2023

Raipur. Preparations are being made to shift more than 50 wildlife animals to the Jungle Safari before August 15 at Nandanvan Foreign Bird Vihar, which has been waiting for a shift to a new hideout for years. Seven new enclosures have been fully prepared to keep the wildlife coming from Nandanvan. The wildlife of Nandanvan will soon be shifted to a forest safari after getting permission from the forest headquarters. Manpower is in greater need due to keeping wildlife in two places. There will be no need for additional manpower after shifting wildlife, making jungle safari in the capital is a world-class exercise for a long time. Keeping in mind that more and more tourists arrive in Asia’s largest jungle safari, wildlife has been arranged to stay in natural habitat. Also, there is a plan to keep the wildlife of different species of the world under the safari position.

Keeping this in mind, 37 enclosures have to be constructed to keep these wildlife in a large area of ​​safari. Of these, 11 enclosures were built in the east. Seven new enclosures have been built after this. To this end, 18 enclosures have been constructed at present to keep wildlife in the jungle safari. These wildlife will be shifted Nandanvan currently has 5-5 hyena and leopard. Also there are 2 foxes, 4 jackals, 22 chausingha, 3 nilgai, 20 monkeys and two langurs. All these wildlife together are preparing to shift to a jungle safari in bulk. Empty enclosures of these wildlife will be tailored to the habitat center for exotic birds. Also Read – Without notice, eviction from examination, allegations of students are corrected by taking money attendance records Number will reach beyond 450 Jungle of Jungle Safari is currently the center of tourist attraction and adventure with 8 tigers, 10 lions and 5 leopards. Along with this, you have to see the hopping of Sambhar, a vegetarian wildlife deer. Presently, the highest number of deer species are wildlife in jungle safaris. Their number is close to three hundred. Similarly, the center of attraction for people with Himalayan bears is Hippo Potomus and Gharial and Python. After shifting the wildlife of Nandanvan to Safari, their number will reach beyond four and a half hundred. Enclosure construction completed Construction of seven new enclosures in Safari has been completed. The wildlife living in Nandanvan will be shifted on the directions of the forest headquarters.