MP: 31st Day of Unlock-2:166 positives were found in Bhopal and 112 in Indore; Number of infected 31710, CM said- save lives of people more important than election, strictly

MP: 31st Day of Unlock-2:166 positives were found in Bhopal and 112 in Indore; Number of infected 31710, CM said- save lives of people more important than election, strictly

July 31, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand
  • Given the festival, there may be a decision today on Sunday’s lockdown exemption
  • On Thursday, the rate of getting positive out of the total test was 6%, 857 people have died.

On Friday morning, 166 new positives were found in Bhopal and 112 in Indore. After this, the number of corona infected has now reached 31710 in the state. The figures of other districts have not been added to it yet. So far 857 people have lost their lives due to Corona. Any decision can be taken today regarding the complete lockdown of Sunday in the state.

834 new cases found again in Madhya
Pradesh 834 new cases were reported across the state during the last twenty four hours. It is a matter of relief that after the recovery of 723 patients, 21657 patients have been cured of this disease so far. At present there are 8454 active case patients, who are undergoing treatment in various hospitals and institutional quarantine centers in the state. On Friday, the maximum number of 166 cases was reported in the new patient in Bhopal and 112 cases in Indore.
Apart from Thursday evening, 44 in Gwalior, 47 in Jabalpur, 73 in Barwani, 27 in Sehore, 18 in Satna, 17 in Narsinghpur, 25 in Rewa, 21 in Ratlam, 16 in Sagar, 13 in Khandwa, 16 in Dhar, Raisen. In 13, in Chhindwara, 18 in Balaghat, 12 in Ujjain, 12 in Morena, other cases of corona were also found in other districts. Similarly, 13 new deaths were recorded in the state, including 2 in Indore, 5 in Bhopal, 1 in Burhanpur, 1 in Chhatarpur, 1 in Vidisha, 1 in Sehore, 1 in Datia, 1 person in Satna.

CM said – be strict

Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh has now become more strict about the corona infection. He said – more important than elections is to save the lives of people. The leaders neither rally nor hold meetings in public. If necessary, only meet five people at home. During the review from the hospital itself, the Chief Minister also expressed concern over the increasing infection across the state including Bhopal and Indore.

Shivraj’s instructions-

  • Only by following the mask and physical distancing will we be able to completely control the corona infection.
  • If it is not followed when the lockdown opens, then the infection spreads. All hard work goes waste.
  • Lockdown on the other hand affects the economy badly. Now lockdown is not to be done after the current declared lockdown and the corona has to be defeated by following law and regulations with full caution and caution.
  • Any person, whether it is Chief Minister, Minister, Public Representative or Officer, if they do not follow it, then action will be taken.
  • Do not undertake any public tour till August 14, hold meetings through VC, hold virtual rally, do not meet more than 5 persons at once even at your residence.
  • No public representative should conduct any public event. Failure to follow the guidelines will be taken and the action will be taken to register the case.
  • There has been an increase in cases, but the state is still 15th in the country in comparison to corona infection.
  • At present there are 8454 active cases in the state, the recovery rate of the state is 69.9 and the death rate has come down to 2.77.
  • In the state, 21657 corona infected persons have gone home after recovering. As of today, the daily testing capacity in the state is 9156 per million.

Corona updates

The 166 patients found again in Bhopal are
not taking the name of the corona cases to a halt even after the complete lockdown in the capital. On Thursday, where 218 cases were found, infection was confirmed among 166 suspects on Friday morning. The condition is that leaving the positive patient at home, the health staff has started taking children to a quarantine center. On Thursday, in one such case in Tila Jamalpura area, Corona positive Mahesh Kumar Sahu did not reach the ambulance even after 24 hours, he had to drive himself to the hospital to be admitted to the hospital. While his son and daughter were rushed to the Quarantine Center without a test. The number of infected people in Bhopal has now risen to 6549.

112 infected in
Indore The number of coronaviruses infected has reached 7328 after 112 new ones were found in Indore district. Of these, so far active cases are 1981 after 5036 patients were discharged for recovery. The death toll has risen to 311 after the death of a 50-year-old woman yesterday. So far, 5036 patients have been discharged on recovery.

Effective control over corona infection has been achieved in Gwalior and Morena in better condition . The Chief Minister said that the way in which the infection spread there in the last days, after that, the readiness with which efforts were made to stop it there is commendable. Now there the corona positivity rate has come down to 3.03%. Morena has set an example. The situation is now under control in Gwalior. Markets have opened there. During a review of the cases of Corona’s death in Gwalior, it was found that due to the delay in four cases and coming to hospital in critical condition, the lives of the people could not be saved.

8 new cases of corona in
Betul district The total number of patients has increased to 227 after 8 new cases of corona infection in Betul district today. So far 170 patients have become healthy. Remaining 54 patients are undergoing treatment. He said that three people have died so far due to Corona virus.

One died from Corona in Sehore, nine died in
Sehore district, after the death of one person suffering from Corona infection in Bhopal today, the total number of dead increased to nine. An elderly resident of Bhugod of Ashta Tehsil was admitted to Bhopal’s Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal due to heart disease. During investigation they were found to be corona infected. He died during treatment. The report of corona infection of five persons in Sehore district has been found positive and their number has increased to 258.