June 5, 2023

The US presidential election in November saw the ‘Hindu’s 4 Trump rally’ held in support of Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump by over a million Indian-Americans in record numbers. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is in the fray against Trump in the presidential election.

Addressing the digital rally on Sunday, Trump vice president of Trump Victory India American Finance Committee said that his research over the past six months shows that Indian-Americans have been the first to vote for the Democratic nominee in the presidential election since 1992. Barr is supporting the Republican candidate.

Masson addressed the Hindu 4 Trump digital rally organized by ‘American 4 Hindu’. ‘American4Hindu said in a statement that around 30,000 people watched the rally live on various social media forums and groups and after that around 70,000 people watched it online.’

Masson said the reason for Indian-American voters’ inclination towards the Republican Party is that they “love President Trump.” He said, “When (last September) the” Howdy Modi program took place, the whole The world was talking about Kashmir… At that time only President Trump had the courage to rally in Houston and he did not mention the word Kashmir even once. He never interfered in the internal (affairs) of India. ”

Maison clearly stated the violent deadlock between India and China on the Line of Actual Control, saying that the second reason is that Trump stood against China and in support of India. During this time ‘American 4 Hindu announced to support President Trump in the election.
Raj Bhayani, co-founder and co-chairman of American 4 Hindu, said, “We will work with body, mind and money to win more and more Indian-Americans votes in support of President Trump.