June 7, 2023

Sampling of more than 1100 patients has been started daily in the capital. For this reason, a large number of corona positive patients are also being found every day. The focus of the Health Department is to increase the scope of the investigation to 1500, because the more sampling, the sooner the patients will be identified. Patients will get treatment at the right time if they are identified early. This will help prevent infection from spreading. A month ago, barely 300 people were being sampled since the Corona infection began. Now this figure has increased four times. 7,335 sampling was done in the last 10 days, In which 699 positive patients were found. This is close to 10% sampling. Earlier, due to less sampling, only 2–5 percent of patients were getting positive. Health department officials say that do not panic after seeing a large number of patients, but immediately get your test done in a sampling center if you see or feel symptoms of infection. The advantage will be that early identification of the patient will reduce the risk of spreading infection in the city and the colony.

The Health Department has prepared that by the end of this month the number of sampling will be increased to around 1400-1500. In the last 18 days in the capital, from July 1 to July 18, test samples of 11,508 people were taken in the district. During this period, 1,508 positive patients were found due to more sampling. In the last eight days, the number of patients has increased due to increasing sapling and the identification of corona infected patients has also been more. A total of 7,335 sampling took place in the capital between 10 and 18 July, in which 699 people got positive. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) with the WHO, the more investigations, the more patients will be found and the sooner the spread of the virus will be stopped.

Sampling center to be set up in Science College hostel,
with samples from AIIMS, Medical College, Kalibari TB Hospital, Medical College, Birgaon Health Center along with AIIMS, Dharsinwa, Abhanpur and Mandir Hasaud blocks for a total of 9 test sites. Have been. Apart from this, Corona sampling ambulances are also roaming in the city. Now people do not have to get in line and get relief quickly, so a sampling center will be started in the next few days in Science College Hostel. Apart from this, if two more manpower is needed and two-three sampling centers will be built.  

More patients are getting in the capital because the sampling is also increasing for the last few days. We have now crossed the 1100 mark. Will increase it soon. The advantage of this is that due to early identification of patients, they will not be able to spread the infection to other people. This will give the Health Department a great facility to control corona. Dr. Meera Baghel, CMHO Raipur