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Missile site built on Kailas-Mansarovar, China’s handiwork seen in satellite photo

China’s conspiracies against India are not diminishing. Now recently the latest satellite photos revealed that China has also prepared missile site on Kailas Mansarovar. According to the information received, China has built a missile site near Lake Kailas Mansarovar and deployed ground-to-air missiles.

The report of The Epoch Times quoted experts as saying that the development of the missile is the next step in the continuous provocation strategy by China. This move by China is expected to make its relations with India even more tense on the border. According to satellite photographs of open source intelligence, China has not only increased its military deployment in the area of ​​Kailas Mansarovar. Rather, he is also building a missile site near Mansarovar. China does not want India to have peace on the border.

Girishkant Pandey, professor of defense at the Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University in Raipur, told Epoch Times over phone that the missile base at Kailas-Mansarovar is being built under the policy of comprehensive militarization of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China (TAR). A missile named DF-21 has been deployed near Kailas-Mansarovar. This medium range ballistic missile can hit a range of 2,200 km. It covers all major cities of North India including New Delhi. The holy Kailas Mountains and the Mansarovar Lake called the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are associated with four religions including Hindus. It has great religious and cultural significance in India. Tibetan Buddhists call this mountain King Rimpoche. At the same time, people of Jainism call it Astpada Mountain, where the first of their 24 Dharma Gurus had received religious knowledge. Similarly in Tibet, according to the belief of Bon religion prior to Buddhism, Mount Tai is the abode of Sipimeen, the goddess of the sky. The deployment of missiles at such a holy site is a clear example of China’s dictatorial attitude. This missile site of China is at the origin of four rivers Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Karnali.

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