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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

Made in India is also going to start work on iPhone SE 2020.

Popular tech company Apple is planning to manufacture its oriferous device iPhone SE in India and the company is also going to start work on the Made in India iPhone SE 2020 soon. According to the report, if the iPhone SE is manufactured in India, the company will not have to pay 20 percent extra tax to import the phone. After this, the price of the phone will be extremely low. It is expected that the Made in India iPhone SE 2020 will be made available in India with a very low price.

The Information website report states that Apple has asked its component supplier in China to send components to India for the iPhone SE 2020. Apple already assembles an older version of the iPhone in India, but all components are sourced from China. However, no information about this has been officially given by the company. But according to the report, the company can start production of iPhone SE 2020 in the next month i.e. in July.

According to the report, the company has decided to manufacture the iPhone SE (2020) in India to avoid the 20 percent tax on imports of new iPhones. Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing contract Wistron has reportedly begun the process of receiving components for the new iPhone SE (2020) to be manufactured in India. In the year 2017, Apple started manufacturing some of its iPhone models in India to avoid import tax and to meet the growing demand in the country. However, the company has so far produced only the old iPhone model.

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