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LPG LPG cylinder becomes cheaper, know the price

It was believed that this time the prices of LPG gas cylinder would increase, but the government provided relief to the people in this matter. This time the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinder 14.2 kg was not increased and in some cities its price came down. Similarly, the price of 19 kg LPG cylinder was cut and for this, customers will have to pay a lower price.

According to the IOCL website, the 19 kg LPG Cylinder in Chennai has been priced at Rs 1250. Last month, customers had to pay Rs 1253 for this. In this way people will charge 3 rupees less for this. In July, he paid 1255 rupees for this. In Delhi too, people will now have to pay Rs 1133.50. In this way, the people of Delhi also got a profit of 2 rupees in its purchase, they paid Rs 1135.50 for it last month. In Kolkata, its price has reduced by two rupees. Now people have to pay 1196.50 rupees for this. He paid Rs 1198.50 for this in August. In Mumbai too, its price decreased by Rs 2, its price has now gone up to Rs 1089, whereas in August they paid Rs 1091 for it.

The price of non-subsidized cylinders (14.2 kg) has come down slightly in Kolkata and Chennai. Its price in Kolkata has now gone up to Rs 620.50, compared to Rs 621 last month. In this way, its price has decreased by 50 paise in Kolkata. Similarly, its price has also reduced by 50 paise in Chennai. Last month, it was available for Rs 610.50, while this time it will be available for Rs 610. There has been no change in its prices in Delhi and Mumbai. The price of non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinder (14.2 kg) in the capital Delhi will be Rs 594 this month. Last month, people were paying the same price for this in Delhi. There has been no change in its price for the last two months. In Mumbai too, it has to pay only 594 rupees and there is no increase in its price.

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