loot of Rs 70 lakh in Kawardha, accused absconding

loot of Rs 70 lakh in Kawardha, accused absconding

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

The incidents of loot on the outskirts of the city are increasing rapidly. Many such gangs are active, who ambush passers-by in deserted areas and carry out robbery with them. On Thursday in the wooded area between Kawardha to Bilaspur, the robbers hunted two such passers-by and looted Rs 70 lakh from them.

Both of them are employees of a rice mill, they were going from Kawardha to Bilaspur via Fasterpur. This incident is reported to be around 10 in the morning. On a deserted road in the wooded areas of Pandatarai and Kunda villages, the robbers stopped the two employees in the middle of the road and sprayed chilli powder in their eyes and snatched a bag full of notes from them. In this way, the bike riders escaped from there by suddenly committing the incident.

After the incident, both the employees stopped the passers by and asked for their help and then reached the police station and informed them about the incident. Confirming the incident, Kawardha Additional Superintendent of Police Anil Soni said that the robbers committed robbery of Rs 70 lakh using chilli powder. According to the victims of the incident, they also had weapons.

Police were alerted to apprehend the accused after the incident was reported. They are being searched for by blockade. Due to the forested area, there is a possibility of hiding in the nearby village. In view of this, police teams have been sent to villages and forests.

The victims of the incident told the police that they both left for Bilaspur with the money from the rice mill. Both the robbers were doing Reiki from Kawardha itself. They were constantly following the bike on the road and as soon as the deserted area came, they came near and sprinkled chilli powder.