June 6, 2023

The second broadcast of Lokvani, the monthly radio program of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, was heard with great enthusiasm today near Mahant College. Mr. Ejaz Dhebar, who was present in the radio audience, said that through this Lokvani, the efforts of the state government and the quality of education being made by the state government in the field of education to the youth and general public of the state as well as local youth Information has been provided to provide employment at the level itself.
 With the state government increasing the level of right to education from 8th to 12th, this year 4 thousand students have got the opportunity to study from 12th. At the same time, other students will also benefit from this decision of the state government in the coming years. In order to increase the quality of education, people also got information about teaching students in schools in e-learning and offline too. Dhebar further informed that new colleges will be opened by the state government for higher education and the information about the ban on the vacant posts of assistant professors presently from the High Court through Lokvani by the Chief Minister, on the minds of the youth on the assistant professors by the state government The confusion of the ban imposed today is overcome. Along with this, information was also received about the continuing efforts of the state government to resolve it soon. On this occasion, Prof. Mukherjee of Mahant College, students, Asha Chauhan, Kalpana Sagar, Mulayarin Markam, Afroz Anjum, Naeemaraja Nammu, Nikki Khan, Shayyed Umer and other youths listened to Lokvani.

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