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December 5, 2020

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Locusts went to kill, 16 laborers become unconscious

Jaipur:The crisis of Corona has disturbed the people of the state. At the same time, the attack of locusts has also woken the administration. At the same time, spray of insecticides going to end the terror of locusts has also become a disaster for the people. A similar incident has also surfaced in Jaipur’s Jaisinghpur area on Monday night. The smell of 16 MGNREGA workers who came to work nearby on Tuesday due to the smell spread due to the spray made by the administration to kill locusts. The villagers were stunned by the 16 female-male workers admitted to the state hospital in Pavota.

Operation was started after the attack of the locust
, according to the information, according to the information, the operation was started to kill the locusts under the leadership of Assistant Director Agriculture Sardarmal Yadav in Jaipur Jai Singhpura and Surajpura area on Monday after the attack of the locust. After which some locusts migrated to some areas after some locusts were destroyed. After this, spraying was done in Jai Singhpura village till 5 am, after which the news of the health of the workers who came to work there in the morning came to light. Immediately sent to CHC Center

According to the information received, as soon as the MGNREGA workers came to work at 7 am on Tuesday, a male and 3 female workers fainted by dizziness, which was immediately rushed to the PHC Jaysihpura, but after the condition did not improve, the Pavata was sent to the CHC center. . Around 12 workers have also been given treatment at CHC on complaints of dizziness. After getting first aid, he was sent home after 2 pm.