June 6, 2023
  • Dispute between Beat Guard and Ranger over Bankimongra’s bamboo fence harvesting
  • Beat guards register case against 11 laborers including Ranger for cutting without permission

 In Chhattisgarh, there was a fierce dispute between Ranger and Beat Guard over cutting bamboo inside the reserve forest of Karba. Beat guards, fueled by bamboo harvesting without permission, fiercely introduced the Ranger. He even said that the three star has gone but you do not know the rules. After this, the beat guard prepared a panchnama against 11 laborers including the Ranger and registered a case under the Forest Act. 

Actually, there is a bamboo fence at Haldibari in Bankimongra in Katghora area. Here, Beat Guard Shekhar Singh Ratre is working on the post of campus guard. Two days ago Beat Guard Shekhar died from departmental work. When he returned on Friday, he saw that the bamboos planted in the premises had been harvested. On this, he questioned the laborers working there, and he told him to cut bamboo at the behest of Ramkumar Yadav, the guard of the Katghora. 

The interrogation of the laborers brought by saying that the laborers were paid Rs 250 per day per laborer  also came to know that 11 laborers living in Ghurmuda were put to work by asking them to pay wages of Rs 250 per day. After this, Beat Guard Ratre asked Ramkumar Yadav, he refused to have any permission. Also told that harvesting is being done at the behest of Ranger Mrityunjay Sharma. Beat guards prevented the workers from cutting the bamboo and seized 11 tangias. 

Ranger said – through the committee departmental harvesting was taking place,
during this time Ranger Mrityunjay Sharma also reached. Controversy erupted between its Beat Guard and Ranger. Ranger denied having any documents regarding bamboo harvesting. Said that harvesting is taking place at the departmental level. It is being done through the committee, but there is no order for it. The Beat Guard said that this is a reserved forest area. Where trees are not allowed to be cut. You do not know the rule of law. You are a criminal.

Even if you are a Ranger, my responsibility here is to be
beat guard Ratre told the Ranger to sign the Panchnama. Ranger also continued to respond, but the beat guard was not ready to oblige. He even said that even though you are a Ranger, it is my responsibility to protect here. If you do more then the uniform will be removed. After this Ratray has filed POR (Primary Crime Report) against 11 laborers including Ranger Mrityunjay Sharma, Zone Assistant Darri Ajay Kaushik, Beat Guard Ramkumar.