June 9, 2023

According to the information received by the office District Development Cooperative Development Committee, Santuram Kashyap, resident of Nayapara Mardapal, District Panchayat President Devchand Matalam and CEO, District Panchayat DN, on 21.07.2020. Goods carrier vehicle (small elephant) was supplied by Kashyap. It is to be known that SC / ST sections are benefited under various schemes like Tractor Trolley, Goods Carrier, Small Business, Passenger Vehicle by District Antyapasi Cooperative Development Society Kondagaon. In this order, the application was submitted by the beneficiary Santuram Kashyap as per rules . After the selection of the district level selection committee, the vehicle was given after the approval of the collector Mr. Pushpendra Kumar Meena. District Entrepreneur Executive Officer Shri Babubhai Shriwas was present on the occasion.