June 9, 2023

Information will be given in the workplace in coordination with Health Department and MNREGA

According to the information received by the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Kondagaon, there are currently 78936 active job card holders in the district Kondagaon under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Due to the MNREGA scheme being operated in the rural level and the Employment Day is celebrated on the 7th of every month, so that the employed workers will get the information about the ongoing work under MNREGA as well as the information of HIV / AIDS to the workers. Will be made aware In this regard, the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Kondagaon, has ordered all the districts that in coordination with the Health Department in the employment day programs organized in all the Gram Panchayats of the district, the MNREGA workers received the H.I.V. / Along with making aware of AIDS disease, the necessary precautions for prevention and prevention from it are also to be given to the workers. Thus, in the present financial year 2021-21, a total of 4098 works have been approved under the MNREGA scheme under the district. In which 1792674 man-days have been provided and so far 97211 thousand workers have been provided employment. But now in view of the assured participation of rural workers in the works under the plan by the Health Department, especially by informing women workers at the workplace about HIV / AIDS and making them aware, along with the Government of India and the State Government The MNREGA workers will be made aware on the basis of guidelines issued from time to time to prevent and prevent infection from global pandemic Kovid-19.