June 6, 2023

There are some rules of running which must be followed. Every person’s physical ability, body type and needs are different, according to which the rules of running are fixed. Apart from this, the energy which is in the age of 15-20 cannot be in the age of 30-40. One should run after understanding every aspect. 

1 . Warm up before running, so that there is no possibility of any injury while running. Brisk walk or light-jogging would be better. The body becomes active with a 10-15 minute walk.

2 . Morning is good for running. Sleeping throughout the night keeps the body better in the morning. Although some people also run in the evening, but after working all day, the body remains tired.

3 . Small steps are right for running. Initially run on a park track. Run for a few days on a flat level.

4 . Make small goals. Like, run only three to five minutes on the first day. Continue this rule for a week. Next week 7 minutes, then 10 minutes means gradually increase the running time. First-time racers usually make the mistake that they think in kilometers. While not kilometer early, think on the minute. Make small goals like 5 minutes-10 minutes, run it for at least a week. Do not increase it by more than 10 percent in a week.

5. Run to a clean place. In the beginning, running on the road is not good, there is a risk of imbalance in it. Do not run with earphones and also avoid running in crowded place.

6. Keep running mouth closed, breathe through your nose. Opening the mouth will dry the throat and fatigue will be felt quickly. Never drink water in the middle while running, do not take any soft or energy drinks. One can drink water before running.

7. While running, the upper body should remain in the correct position. If the proper posture is not there, there may be pain in the arms, shoulders, neck or back. Keep running hands up to the waist. Note that the hands are making an angle of 90. Keep the body straight, do not bend and run. Head should be upwards, back should be straight and shoulders should not be bent.

8. The essential condition of running is not to feel pressured into it. Know your body’s needs and capacity. Run for excitement and happiness, not to be tired. Stop when the body is under pressure. Break is of great importance in any physical activity.