May 29, 2023

Took over Kawardha district hospital rooftop solar plant plant now 235,000 units of production power almost bills 10 record of saving upto million made *

CREDA provides solar power to health centers *

* Proposals have been sent to health centers located in areas without electricity access *

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA) in the Government Sub Health Center ,  Primary Health Center and Community Health Centers   located in the plains , forest and inaccessible mountainous areas of Kabirdham district

Electrification works have been done at 47 sites through a total of 51 Nos. Solar Power Plant . Which have a total capacity of 172 kilowatts , producing about 600 units of electricity per day . The power generated is being used by the health centers according to their needs. According to the Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, an action plan is being chalked out to provide solar power to the mountainous and inaccessible Baiga dominated villages of Kabirdham district.

In order to save electricity in the district hospital also , the work of setting up a 50- kilowatt capacity on-grid solar power plant has been done by CREDA. About 150 to 200 units of electricity are being produced per day from this plant with solar energy. The work is being done to reduce power consumption in the district hospital every day by synchronizing it directly with the power supply supplied by the power distribution company. Since the establishment of the on-grid plant, 2,35,000 units of electricity has been produced in the district hospital by the solar power plant and about 10 in the electric bill to be consumed.Up to a million rupees have been saved. The establishment of solar power plants is also providing financial benefits to the health centers along with the power system.

Along with the installation of solar power plant by CREDA department  , there is also a warranty of 5 years , under which the expenditure incurred in maintenance work for 5 years is borne by the department. All solar power plants installed in health centers are currently in working condition. Battery bank of solar power plants installed in 17    primary health centers and 3 community health centers which have expired warranty period by CREDA in the last year 2019-20 have been replaced with new ones , and 3Proposals for replacement of batteries of the sites have been sent to the concerned office. In government hospitals located in rural areas, where conventional electricity is repeatedly interrupted, solar energy is proving to be extremely useful.

Proposals have been sent to the district administration for supply of electricity from solar power in health centers located in places where traditional electricity has not been reached due to forest obstruction or other reasons. Work can be done. 

Apart from providing solar home lights to the Baiga tribal families residing in the forested and hilly inaccessible areas, the work of illuminating their houses has been done by CREDA through Saubhagya scheme. For their smooth operation, 1-1 technicians and helper have been kept for every 500 pieces of plants ,  which is visited every month for maintenance work as per roster.