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Kangana Ranaut’s problems increased, Bandra court ordered to register an FIR

 Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who spoke to Bebaki, is in trouble. Actually, Bandra magistrate court of Mumbai has ordered to register an FIR in a case against Kangana Ranaut. Munna Varali and Sahil Ashraf Syed have filed a petition in the Bandra court. This petition said that Kangana, through her tweet, tries to create a quarrel in the Hindu-Muslim community in Bollywood. The petitioners say that through the statements and tweets of Kangana, hatred between the two communities increases. The petition states that Kangana Ranaut is constantly trying to discredit Bollywood. From social media platforms to TV, Kangana is making rhetoric against Bollywood everywhere. She is constantly calling Bollywood the epicenter of nepotism and favoriteism. The man also presented several tweets in the court as evidence. Kangna can be called for questioning after the FIR. If evidence is found against Kangana, then her arrest can also happen. Explain that Kangana Ranaut has been in constant discussion for the last few months. He has made many serious allegations against the Sushant Singh Rajput case and the Bollywood and Maharashtra government over drugs.