June 6, 2023

State Bureau: After 72 years of independence, the DG set is going to be freed from noise and pollution in Karen and other villages along the Line of Control (LoC) in North Kashmir. Electricity will not be available for just three hours, but will be available only for twenty-four hours and all year. This has been made possible by the 33 kV 36 km long power transmission line reaching Keran.

In Kupwara and other villages adjacent to the LoC in district Kupwara, people depended on DG sets for electricity. There was no contact with the power transmission line and grid. Generating electricity from DG sets is expensive and the fuel used in it damages the environment. The DG set also has noise. The locals used to get electricity for three hours only at night. She was also stagnant for many days in the winter. Many times the DG set used to respond, sometimes there was a shortage of diesel. However, now the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir Administration has connected Keran to the electric grid. A 36 km long 33 kV line has reached Keran. It has also been tested and is also running in it.

The next goal is to connect the mosquito to the electric grid:  Rohit Kansal, Principal Secretary, Department of Energy, Jammu and Kashmir said that we are now able to supply regular power in Keran and adjoining areas. Now people do not need to depend on DG sets. They will get electricity generated from water. This is the first time in the last 72 years that Keran and its adjoining areas are connected by electric grid. He said that now our next goal is to connect the mosquito to the electric grid.