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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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IPL teams miss a trick by not using more Indian coaches: Rahul Dravid

If the advice of former India captain Rahul Dravid holds any significance to the teams like Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab they could hope a turnaround in the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League as the veteran star knows the ‘success mantra’ for them. Dravid suggests the IPL teams should hire Indian coaches and use their local knowledge for success.

“If not the chief coach, the Indian coaches should be appointed as assistant coaches and I am sure their knowledge would be helpful in changing the fortunes of many teams,” Dravid said on the sideline of the Under-19 ODI between India and Afghanistan here on Thursday.

“I think a lot of IPL teams miss a trick by not using more domestic talent in the coaching area and the talent identification area, even if it is as assistants. That’s my personal opinion.”

Delhi Daredevils is being coached by former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, whereas Kings XI Punjab has Brod Hedge at the helm of affairs in coaching. The two teams had eighth and seventh place finish last season. The new season of the cash-rich event starts on March 23 next.

“Honestly, there are so many Indian players in the IPL, there’s so much of local knowledge (among our coaches). I feel a lot of teams could actually benefit from using a lot of our Indian coaches in the IPL,” he said, adding, “They know the Indian players better, they understand them better. Even as assistant coaches… there is a lot of talent and ability. It just needs to be given opportunity and flourish.”

“I believe we’ve got some very good coaches, a lot of good people. I’m fully confident (in their ability). Just as we have a lot of talent in the cricket department, we have a lot of talent in the coaching department,” Dravid said. “We need to give them confidence and time to flourish. I’m sure they will do it. It does sometimes disappoint me when a lot of our boys don’t get opportunities as assistant coaches in IPL.”

Not only helping the cricketing talent of India grow, Dravid, now the director of the National Cricket Academy (NCA), also believes in helping the coaches at the NCA too. “Through the NCA we’re also going to try and help a lot of our coaches. We’ve hired Sujith now, who has come on as head of education. A part of our goal is to create a programme for coaches as well, so that we can give them certain skills in which they can develop – and hopefully then get the opportunities to work at a slightly higher level.”

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