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January 17, 2021

The Chhattisgarh

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iPhone users will soon be able to unlock cars without physical keys

Apple conducted its first online WWDC event and the company made use of the online platform to introduce several software products including the all-new iOS 14. The company revealed a new feature in iOS 14 that might change how most of us use car keys. While car keys in itself has seen a massive transition from being clunky metallic objects to smooth pebble-like designs. However, it still occupies a lot of space and can easily be improved on.

Apple has come up with a solution for this clunkiness. The tech giant introduced a new technology which has the potential to replace car keys as we know them. The company will integrate a new NFC system that can unlock a compatible car by just tapping it on the handle. The user will then have to just place the iPhone on the charging pad and push the engine start and stop button.

Another interesting feature is that the owner of the car can even share the key remotely with another iPhone user. The owner will also be able to give restricted access to the other user.

Currently, there are no cars in the market that support this feature but the company claimed that the new 2020 BMW 5-series will be compatible with it and it will be launching in United States next month.

Apple is also be integrating this feature in the current iOS 13 that most Apple devices run on. This will ensure that the new feature is accessible from as early as next month in select places.

Apple is also working on a new U1 chip, that will enable the same feature by not even getting the phone close to the handle. The smartphone will be able to act as a car key even by staying inside a bad or a pocket. However, this ability will only be launched by next year and the chipset might feature in the upcoming iPhone 12.

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