June 6, 2023

The corona virus epidemic is wreaking havoc on every region. IndiGo has announced that 10 percent of its employees will be laid off due to the economic crisis that arose due to the Corona epidemic. This information was given by the company’s CEO Ronjoy Dutta on Monday.

“From where things currently stand, it is impossible for our company to fly without sacrificing something in the midst of this economic challenge to sustain our business operations,” Dutta said in a statement.

“Therefore, after careful assessment and review of all possible scenarios, it is clear that we will have to remove 10 per cent of our employees.” This is the first time in history that Indigo has to take this painful step. ” As of 31 March 2019, IndiGo Airlines had 23,531 employees on payroll.

Government carrier Air India has also made preparations to send some of its employees on forced leave from six months to five years. The company gave this information in an official statement released on Monday last week. During this period, employees sent on leave will not be paid. The official order stated, ‘This scheme (LWP) is being introduced to send permanent employees of the company on unpaid leave. In this, employees can be sent on leave for a period of six months to five years. The scheme will be applicable to permanent employees of the company. 

The order stated, ‘The plan was approved in the 102nd meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held on July 7, 2020. In this, employees can enjoy the option of going on leave from six months to two years, which can be extended up to five years.

Apart from this, the order further states that the scheme also authorizes the CMD to pass an order in which it gives an employee in the name of the company for six months or for a period of two years, up to five years. Can be extended, sent on holiday. It will be based on the efficiency, efficiency, performance, health of the employee, non-availability of the employee for duty in the past, etc.

However, the Air India Pilots Association (ICPA) has written to Air India complaining about the leave without pay (scheme without leave) scheme. It said that what is being said by Air India is better for both of them, that it has been decided without the advice of the pilot.