India Knows To Speak With Eyes In The Eyes Of Enemies – Narendra Modi

India Knows To Speak With Eyes In The Eyes Of Enemies – Narendra Modi

June 29, 2020 Off By Virendra Yadav

In the event of pm modi mann ki baat updates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the Ladakh issue. Modi said that those who have raised their eyes on the land of India have received a befitting reply. In the matter of mind, PM Modi also said that it is not right to consider the whole year as bad due to the crisis. PM also spoke on the monsoon, corona crisis in the program. Modi once again insisted on becoming self-sufficient.

Modi gave a befitting reply
in Ladakh : PM Modi while talking about the Indo-China skirmish in Ladakh, PM Modi said that those who raised their eyes to the land of India received a befitting reply. Modi said, ‘India knows how to befriend, so it also knows to look eye-to-eye and give appropriate answers.’ Modi said that the 20 soldiers who were martyred showed that they would never let Ma Bharti come on fire.

Speaking on 2020, the whole year is not bad, Modi said that people are often seen saying when this year will pass. People on the phone talk about when the year will pass. People are saying the year is not good, it is not auspicious. People want this year to pass soon. Modi said that this year the country saw a corona crisis. Amfan and nature storm also came in the meantime. Then there were so many tremors of grasshoppers and earthquakes. In the meantime, there was a conflict with neighboring countries. Despite all this, it is not right to call the year as bad Modi said that difficulties come, crises come, but it is not right to consider the year as bad due to disasters. To think that this is the whole year is not right. One challenge a year or 50 challenges a year does not make it worse.

Modi further advised the countrymen to become self-sufficient. Said that it will help the soldiers. Modi said that he gets messages from many such people that they are becoming self-sufficient.

Modi further said that during the Corona crisis, the country has come out of lockdown. In Unlock, the emphasis is on defeating the corona and strengthening the economy. Modi asked wearing masks, following two yards.

-Modi referred to the improvement of the space sector. Said that this will accelerate the campaign of self-reliant India.

-Modi requested children of every household. When the time is available, do a video interview of the elders of the house. Ask him what he used to play in childhood, what he did during the holidays. How were the festivals celebrated? Elders will also be happy with this. What used to happen 40-50 years ago, how was India like, children will also get to know.

Modi said on the monsoon that the rain is expected to be good this time. After this, Modi mentioned 80-85 years old Kamegowda. They graze animals but make new ponds in their area.

-Modi said that there should be an attempt to build an eco-friendly statue on Ganesh Chaturthi so that it does not create a crisis in the river.

– Missed former PM PV Narasimha. Said that he knew many languages. Who was one of the most experienced leaders of India. He was raising his voice against injustice from the age of 17.

It was Modi’s mind that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had questioned the government earlier. Questioning the Mann Ki Baat program, he wrote that when will there be talk of national defense and security. This is the 66th mind of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi spoke on Corona Unlock 1.0 in the previous edition of Mann ie May. It was told that now the country is moving from lockdown to unlock.

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