June 9, 2023

401 plants planted in 4 minutes on barren land

  • Satyadev Sharma Sahod *
    Baddi (Solan).
    There is a welfare society in Baddi, the industrial area of ​​district Solan, which has pioneered to make the forests green. In order to carry out its work in the field of environmental protection in the industrial sector, this society has set a unique record of planting 401 saplings in this rainy four minutes.

The Amit Singla Social Welfare Society, Quretech, located in Jindikalan, an industrial area, undertook this feat, planting saplings in an area of ​​about thirty kilometers, barren at Katha Juddi Kalan. The Society planted shady, fruitful and medicinal plants on this barren land. It consists of Peepal, Safeda, Kadam, Jackfruit, Orange, Guava, Mulberry, Kinnu, Mango plants. The Society collected these plants from Karnal, Baddi’s Bhud, Barotiwala and Jhadmajri etc. of Haryana. Every member of the society has pledged to make a plant successful by preserving each plant during this plantation drive.

Treeguards are also being planted by the Society for the protection of plants from wild animals. Firstly, with the view of beautification, about a hundred plants were planted in drums on both sides of the road and 401 plants were planted in this wasteland.
Preparations were going on for this plantation campaign on a large scale for about a week. The MD of the group was busy preparing for the pit itself by planting JCB here day and night. As a result, the dream of makeup of barren and wasted land with plants could be realized today. It is worth mentioning that Amit Singla Social Welfare Society is known for plantation, free Rakdan camp, Guru’s anchor, sanitizer, mask distribution and social support in the area.

On Wednesday itself, newly appointed Additional Executive Officer of BBNDA Narendra Singh also visited this area and assured to provide other facilities by putting paver here. On this occasion Amit Singla Welfare Society Deputy MD Rishu Singla, Mukesh Sharma, Shanti Gautam, Kavita, Lata, Niharika Chaudhary, Nidhi, Upasana, Pooja, Priyanka, Virender Kumar, DK Tomar, Pankaj Kumar, Sanjeev, Khem Chand, Uma Shankar, Nearly 300 employees were present, including Maan Kumar, Gajendra, Jagtar, Rizwan, Seema, Nagma, Pushpa, Pratima, Ruby, Ashwani, Baljeet, Swati.

  • Save Earth, Save Life *
    401 plants were planted in 4 minutes on barren and waste land. Save the earth, save life and make life happy, this plant has been planted by imbibing this feeling. All my colleagues have worked hard day and night to make this campaign a success. Everyone should come forward for environmental protection.
  • Sumit Singla *, MD Amit Singla Welfare Society