June 7, 2023

Nebula Kids Mobile Phones Addiction If you are one of those teenagers, who keep their eyes on the mobile screen till late in the night instead of going from sleep to sleep at night, then you need to be a little conscious. Recent research studies have shown that adolescent children who are busy on mobile till late night may have to face many types of physical problems later on.

Canadian researchers say that we interviewed more than a thousand teenagers for this research study. It showed that the teenagers who keep an eye on mobile till late night are facing many types of physical problems. Research studies have shown that teenagers who wake up late in the night and sleep in the morning due to being busy on mobile, not only have eye and digestive problems, but such teenagers also suffer mentally. .

Canadian scientists say that if adolescent children want their health to be good and do not face any serious physical problems in the future, they should not only get into the habit of sleeping prematurely, but at least two before bedtime – Three hours before dinner should also be taken.

Studies have shown that the body clock of late-waking teenagers is severely impeded, meaning that not all of their body parts function properly. For this reason, the immune system of adolescents also becomes weak. As a result, the likelihood of them suffering from various types of physical problems increases to a great extent. Not only this, the blue light emanating from mobile, tablet, iPad etc. not only reduces eye moisture, but it also adversely affects some parts of the brain. Therefore, it is important that instead of waking up late at night, go to bed on time and keep yourself healthy and happy.