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December 2, 2020

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Homeless Cows Will Now Get Protection

Shri Payra Hanuman Goshala on Tuesday, inauguration of Shri Payra Hanuman Goshala on the premises of Shri Pyra Hanuman Temple, with the main hospitality of Baba Niranjan Nath Ji Avadhoot with Havan Puja, Ramayana, Go Pujan, Kanyabhoj simplicity and social distance, presided over by Laturalalayadava Bhamashah Dungarpur, Distinguished Guest Ramdas The Maharaj Gaushala was held in the presence of Laturi, Sarpanch and Gaushala President Pradeep Merotha. Sarpanch Merotha said that with the inauguration of the Gaushala, the homeless cows will no longer have to wander rate by step and they will get protection.

          Baba Niranjan Nath Avadhoot, a member of the VHP, the Central Saint Guiding Board presiding over the Sada ceremony, while addressing the devotees present, said that Gausseva is nothing less than austerity. Those who do the work of religion have to face many troubles. He said that the enthusiasm with which the youth of the town have carried out the work of the cowshed should not be reduced by the public. A cow must be served in every Hindu family. 

        On this occasion, Saint Ramdas Maharaj, the administrator of Mother Gayatri Dev Sanskriti Goshala Laturi, said that Lord Krishna gave a message to all through Gausseva to perform Goseva. Moikalan Sarpanch and Gaushala President Pradeep Merotha said that during the lock-down, the youth had discussed the construction of Gaushala with the villagers of Moikalan-Dungarpur and Bhamashahs of nearby villages. It was not expected that people would get so much support. After the operation of the cowshed, the cows will no longer be allowed to die on the mega highway. The faith with which people have aided their faith will be fully upheld. 

     On this occasion Bhamashah Laturlal Yadav, Nandi Gaushala Baran administrator Prabhudayal Nagar, Goseva Sangh State President Khemraj Yadav, Pyra Hanuman Mandir Pujari Maharaj Bundeldas and Shri Pyra Hanuman Goshala President Pradeep Merotha were present in the town and nearby villages. On this occasion, the operator Satyanarayana Merotha appealed to repeatedly apply masks and maintain social distance. In the end Rasbihari Yadav thanked everyone. 
He collaborated on the occasion- 

         Bamashah Laturlal Yadav, resident of Dungarpur village at Paira Hanuman Temple, contributed one lakh 25 thousand for Gaushala, Badri Prasad Soni 20 thousand, teacher Devakrishna Yadav and 5 thousand and the son of late Babulal Yadav, Kashav Yadav, 5 thousand as support. Announced giving. It is worth mentioning that Laturlal Yadav, a resident of Dungarpur, has been supporting lakhs of rupees in his gaushalas every year. 

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