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December 1, 2020

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Home excursion to mitigate the corona virus

Survey by Mitannin for symptoms like fever, dry cough, gasps, shortness of breath

In order to prevent the infection of the corona virus in the community, house-to-house survey of the urban area of ​​the capital is being done by the Mitanins based on its initial symptoms. Symptoms such as dry cough, shortness of breath, coughing and fever are being identified to prevent the spread of pandemic infection, with social detention being effective during lock down.
In the Raipur and Birgaon Municipal Corporation area, more than 5 lakh people of 1 lakh families were surveyed till April 22 in the family tour campaign started from March 20. By March 30, minor symptoms of dry cough and fever related to the corona virus were found, which were treated at the local breast. There is no such symptom found in any family between April 1 and 22.
Ms. Ranu Minj, Coordinator of the Urban Mitanin Program, said that in the urban area, about 10,155 Mitanins are awakening people daily by conducting family visits to the community and mercury level. At the same time, during the survey, if any symptoms related to corona viral are seen, then the patient report is sent to the in-charge of the concerned Primary Health Center. Mitannin Coordinator Ms. Minj told that in Raipur and Birgaon Municipal Corporation area, about 17 lakh population of 2.20 lakh families are living. By the state government, incentives will also be provided to the Britishers to work in the context of Corona virus. The current scenario requires widespread community awareness to protect the community from corona virus infection.
Necessary guidelines have been issued by the Department of Health to implement the community and mercury level to reduce the possibility of spread of infection in the community. Regarding the survey, the responsibility of selecting the areas and implementing the activities has been entrusted to the Block Medical Officers who are in touch with the Mitannins through the medium trainers and block coordinators. Ensure guidance and monitoring of work for all activities.
Mittanin trainer from Raipura area, Mrs. Sarita Sahu, told that an action plan has been chalked out by the Mitanins to complete the tour in their scheduled families in the lockdown period. He said to provide health education to the community on the basis of training and pampillet received in connection with corona infection and prevention. Mitanin trainer told that 21 Mitanin families have been engaged in survey work in Raipura ward. A survey of 13320 people residing in 3130 houses in Raipura is being investigated by the Mitanins for symptoms like fever, dry cough. So far, 70 percent of the families in the ward have visited the family. He said that during this period, the people who had been traveling in the last 14 days and who came in contact with the corona positive case were also being tested for self-examination.
Mitanans have been given the responsibility to follow-up to ensure that the people living in the home are adhered to in the house. Community participation is being enhanced in urban areas through the members of Mahila Arogya Samiti. Priority will be given to these families or individuals in family visits by the Mitanins. Home (Home) Person to be kept in quarantine, person traveling in last 15 days, person over 60 years of age, person who has diabetes, high 1 blood pressure, heart disease or respiratory diseases are to be maintained.
Awareness and family tour work by the Mitannins –
To provide health education to the community on corona infection.
 Symptoms of infection, ways of spreading it, preventive measures.
Especially washing hands with soap frequently.
Giving information about covering the mouth and nose and maintaining a distance of 6 feet and getting practiced.
Finding signs of infection in individuals and informing the Block Medical Officer.
To follow up the persons in Muhler who have taken samples for examination.
To find out the health status of old people and people suffering from chronic diseases.