June 6, 2023

A unique event was held for the first time in Chhattisgarh. Artists from 10 jungle villages of Vanagram Tundekundel (Chilamgota) of Daundilohara block in Balod danced Gedi. The special thing is that there was neither audience nor chief guest in this program. It was made live on Facebook to bring it to the world. During this period, the artist was accompanied by social distancing for 2 hours to the tune of traditional instruments of the state like Mohri, Gudum, Khadpadi, Dumau, Gola, Dafda. 

Actually, to save the Chhattisgarhi tradition amid the Corona transition, this unique experiment was done by Subhash Belchandan, director and director of Vananchal Gedi Nritya Dal Committee. He is a teacher at Chilamgota Primary School. He informed that a total of 18 families are inhabited in the village where Gedi will dance. Out of these 18 artists will dance in Gedi and 8 players will be there. He told that it will also be uploaded to YouTube. It is said that this is the first time in the state, when artists have performed like this. 

Subhash Belchandan, who has also given his presentation on the international stage , said that in the year 2018, Mintu Deka, the director of the International Art Foundation of Guwahati, had seen the dancing artists at U-Toyub. He invited to Guwahati. Where 150 artists from other countries including Sri Lanka, England, Britain, Italy, South Korea, Bhutan, Egypt, Turkey attended, including India. If these artists had no money to go, then they spent 57 thousand rupees of their own salary.

There are 20 members of these villages in the district. The committee comprises
20 people from the village of Daundilohara, Rengadbury, Chilmagota, Banjari, Durgitola, Khyarkatta, Bhimpuri, Gurami, Gotatola, Tundekundel, and Vananchal Gedi Dal committee. Teachers Jitendra Sahu, Mojadhwaj Isda, Ashok Nishad, Pinesh Kothari, Supeesh Yadav, Sheshalal Rawate, Bhupendra, Khilendra, Vinay, Deva, Vishram, Babulal, Rakesh, Jagrit, Tekram Nayak, Janta Ram Jamdare, Ankalu Ram Yadav, Khorbahara Huh. Apart from the artist who is a farmer and a laborer.