June 9, 2023

New Delhi. Coronavirus In India epidemic continues to wreak havoc. The government has set several standards to prevent coronavirus outbreak. Taking full care of cleanliness, social distancing etc., but in all these, if you go out at the moment, then wearing a face mask is the most important task. The first step to avoid this epidemic is to get out wearing a face mask. Disease Control and Prevention Centers and many health centers are also making people aware of this. The demand for masks has increased in this way. Different types of masks are being sold in the market.

Gold mask

Even weddings season has increased the demand for different types of masks for the bride and groom. Which is also being completed. In the same sequence, Ranka Jewelers of Pune have made a very special kind of gold mask for the bride during the wedding (Mask in Wedding).

Know, what is its cost

The price of this gold mask is 6.5 lakh rupees. It weighs 124 grams. It can be worn like a mask and necklace in Corona’s crisis. This mask less necklace is stitched on the N-95 mask. It is a necklace bran. It can be washed and worn again after 25 days.

Know, its special things …

– Its most important thing is that it can also be changed easily after use.
– It is designed in such a way that it can be easily applied to another mask if the mask is defective.
– It took two to three weeks to design and build.
– Dye was sourced from Turkey specifically to make it.

Silver mask was made before this

Let us tell you that earlier in the city of Kolhapur, a town in Maharashtra, a person made a silver mask. According to jewelers, ahaj mask has become a necessity for people. People are buying matching masks of clothes. The demand for gold masks has also increased under this. This mask is being well liked. Its demand is constantly increasing.

Can wear masks like necklace too

According to the jewelers who made it, after the coronary period, it can be worn like necklace. Women are liking this mask less necklace. Women like this. Apart from this, gold masks are also being made for men.