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Folk festival of North Chhattisgarh is associated with the worship of nature

Karma, a folk festival celebrated in Sarguja region of northern Chhattisgarh, will be celebrated with pomp today. The tribal family has started preparing for it since morning. Throughout the day, women and men will fast and sit in one place in the village and worship the Karmi tree in the courtyard courtyard. The Baiga Karam of the village will narrate the story of the deity. After the story, female men will dance in the beat of the folk musical mandar and in the cymbal jhanka. The folk festival celebrated on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhado month is based on the worship of nature.

Karama folk songs are also very famous in Surguja. Karma folk songs have also taken modern color now. After the late evening puja archana, when the women dance to the beat of the male mandar and the jhankar of the cymbals and the modern song… Hi Re Mor Sarguja Naache .. Alathi Kalathi Mandar Baje…. Similarly, the traditional Karama song …. Saavan .. Bhado .. Kar Jharia … Kabar Bheje Re Goria …. Oh Re … Ye Re … ki taan ki teh jaan, the whole atmosphere is immersed in excitement and excitement goes. Folk festivals are directly related to agriculture and environment. The folk life of the tribes of Surguja region is basically based on agriculture and forest. The farming community expresses its sentiments through folk festivals. ‘Karama’ festival is one of the most talked about folklore. The dance performed on this festival is called Karma dance. Every festival has a folk history behind it. There are many legends related to celebrating Karma festival.

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